Sunday, June 29, 2003

Weekend 6/29/2003

I had a great weekend. Something that I needed after the hectic week at work last week. I was out of town part of last week in Hiram, GA and rushed back to town to calm some ruffled feathers back in Greenville.

I got up late on Saturday (8:00) and Stacy and I got to go to town while our good friends the Johnsons kept the kids. Just miscellaneous stuff.

When we returned home we had supper with the Johnsons and then got to see the videos from Josh's trip to Brazil. They were excellent. He had a great trip and as usual had a lot of really great stories to tell. I'm trying to get him to start a Blog. It would be the most interesting around if he did.

Sunday we did the usual - church, played video games, and rested (some). We then had our small group meeting with the Kaiser family. We skipped the deeply theological stuff and watched three episodes of Andy Griffith (ok maybe it was deeply theological!). Good evening and a good weekend.

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