Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I had an excellent weekend with the family! We camped on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Mt. Pisgah. We had a mix of rain and sun, but overall the weather was fine. Sunday we had lunch at the Pisgah Inn restaurant. It was out of this world especially when you take in the view from the dining room. It overlooks the valley below with several prominent peaks in the distance. Breath taking.

I spent some time this weekend thinking about how much I enjoyed this time and really how little I take times like this to do a "brain dump" and just not think about anything outside of the moment. After being back a t work today I find again that after doing this that I am more focused and much more ready to take on things.

I really must take more time throughtout the year to just get away and relax. It seems that it will be an important part of my success if I will do this!

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