Thursday, December 29, 2005

Passion 06 Coverage

I'm attending Passion '06 next week as a volunteer. Passion as a wonderful conference put on by 268 Generation as a ministry that leads college age or the 20-something generation to magnify and glorify God. The Passion Conference that they have once a year in Nashville brings together nearly 17000 students from all over the world for a week of music, teaching, small group study (yes small - believe it or not). They feed, lead, and care for these students for 4 days. They have a staff of over 1000 volunteer to cover all areas of the support to the students along with music artists, speakers, and a host of other folks to make it happen. It is a awesome undertaking.

I'm so lucky to get to serve there next week on the Touch Team which means I'll be there able to interact with the students by just being there to accommodate their journey. It really is a missions trip and I think will be one of the most rewarding things that I have done.

I'll be covering it on my blog as well so if anyone is reading I'll have pictures, comments and thoughts, and special coverage of each day.

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