Monday, January 02, 2006

The Moments When God Speaks to Us

A single day in 365 or a single moment in 24 hours can be all you need for the moment that you hear God speak to your heart. A moment when you realize that it wasn't a moment at all but it was the culmination of many moments that God in his wisdom had been speaking to your heart for a while.

This is how I would describe this evening as a volunteer at Passion. Seeing an arena of 18,000 students reaching up and heavenward to a God whom they do want to serve really brought a lifetime of maybe a little doubt and wonder to a close for me. To see God at work in the lives of so many people really gave me a better understanding of his awesome view of our lives. To see that a God who made the heavens, earth and all that's in them also has had a personal interest, not interest, but an all knowing love for everyone in that arena tonight just brings my limited mind into a better understanding that he is beyond my understanding but not beyond my reach. Because he has reached out to me.

I saw worship tonight and I saw God! Passion is worth the time taken and the money spent to come and see lives devoted to worship of our Father.


  1. Last year I was a volunteer and it was a life changing experiance. I had signed up as soon as i was offered the chance to go again, and then found out that I was expecting(due next month) and i just wanted to thank you for letting me live out passion06 vicariously through you.

  2. Thanks so much for publishing this!

    My husband Dale Nelson is also on the Touch team this year (and was last year too). He is not online while he is in Nashville so it is nice to see some photos of what he is experiencing! It sounds like you two are on the same page. He wouldn't miss this week for anything.