Saturday, June 09, 2007

More Gentle Reminders

One Thursday evening at the conference in Orlando, Microsoft paid for the 15,000 attendees to go to Universal Islands of Adventure. Really cool!

I rode rides, ate the free food, and got really wet on the Popeye vs. Bluto ride. I actually normally don't ride the water rides but I rode that one twice. Really an awesome time!

But while walking through the crowd of people on my second trip around the park someone walked past me in the crowd and simply said "Jesus loves you". I just kept walking and so did they, but it jumped out at me. Had God sent someone for a reason of their own to simply walk past me to remind me of his love? Why not?

I heard hearing and knowing God is like being a child learning to talk. It begins slowly. Words come slowly and as a child gets older the words come and eventually the child is talking and throughout their life their vocabulary continues to grow. Knowing God is much the same. We start slowly not knowing him at all, hopefully we listen and hear him better and better and hear him in the ways that we didn't earlier in our life, and eventually we should reach a point of where we hear him talking to us in all the ways that God does - scripture, that small voice, the wisdom of others, the glory of his creation and so many ways that together bring to life a God who is always talking. Maturity brings thats and I now know that it's not a destination but a journey.

This week I heard him in many ways, and the conversation continues!

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