Monday, July 09, 2007

I Love to Singa

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at my Grandparents house (actually I called them mawmaw and pawpaw). My PawPaw liked watching Gunsmoke and since I was a kid I normally didn't and we'd fuss over the television so my MawMaw bought me a little black and white television. They had two back bedrooms and one of them had an old sewing machine in it. It was one of those that had a foot peddle that you rocked your feet back and forth on which turned the wheel and made the sewing machine work. Well it hadn't been used in years and was used more as a table because the sewing machine sat down inside of it and it had a flat hinged hood. So my MawMaw put "our" television back there on the sewing machine and every time I visited I would immediately head back to that room and turn on the TV and watch cartoons. There was no cable back then so I got a local station of WCCB channel 18. Everyday they had Bugs bunny, Merry Melodies, Popeye, Pink Panther, and on Saturdays Cowboy Classic "each Saturday from 10 am till noon" (that was their jingle). I had a stiff backed chair that I sat in and I would pump that sewing machine and watch cartoons. They'd yell from the front of the house, "quit pumping that sewing machine" and I'd stop for a few minutes but the excitement of the cartoons and the frozen Snickers bars that I had gotten from my MawMaw's fridge would keep me going and before long I would be pumping away.

The hours I spent back in that room watching cartoons, pumping that sewing machine and consuming cold snickers bars probably wasted a lifetime of energy and burned up a few brain cells but I loved being back there and being at my MawMaw's and PawPaw's.

I drank coffee there even as a small kid. I used to make Baco sandwiches (two slices of bread with mustard and Bacos sprinkled on it). MawMaw always had the little bottles of Pepsi and always had cold Snickers in the fridge. PawPaw worked in his greenhouse and fussed with MawMaw.

I saw a cartoon today that was one of my favorites and seeing it got me to thinking about those wonderful times at MawMaw's and PawPaw's.

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  1. Ha! I forgot about the bacos sandwiches. Forget the cold snickes though. The cold Hershey's bar and the Breyer's ice cream with Hershey's syrup was the best.