Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Want to Know Him More

I want to know Him more. I don't care about religion. I don't care about the questions or doubts that I have. I don't care about unanswered questions or my lack of understanding. I want to know Him.

It's taken a long time for Him to get me here, and I have a long way to go. So many hangups. So many sins. So much that gets in the way, but I do want to know Him more.

So God I lay it all out here. I need to know the love that no one else can give. The love that doesn't let me down or disappoint.

I wish to put aside the distractions - the counterfeit loves - the loves that leave me empty.

May I see your face? May I hear your voice? I am seeking you. Seeking to find.

I want to know your Son. So few words never loose their power. Jesus is one of those words.

I want to feel your Spirit. I want it to blow through my soul and give me strength - strength to know you more.


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