Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hanging out with the College Crowd

I love the college crowd, well at least the ones that are in their 20's. I was able to hang out with a few folks last night and had an awesome time. Preston, Teddy, Vickie, Jeremy, Heather and Cam and oh yeah the other old dudes Jimmy and Scott (who is my age) and of course jimmy's wife Teresa who isn't old at all!

We had a blast just talking. We had supper and then a lot of great conversation. These guys are awesome. Vickie doesn't know her suite mates even after rooming with them for the past year - how funny! Preston has joined the Air Force and is going to medical school and wants to do medical missions! Teddy is "shopping around" for grad-schools and is just awesome. Cam is at Greenville Tech taking Graphic Design and working full time. Heather is working fast to begin teaching with her Elementary Ed program at North Greenville and is trying to get that done so that she and Cam can get married! Jeremy is in school in Building Design (I think) at Greenville Tech and is working full time and is definitely one of the coolest guys I know!

These guys are really amazing. I hope that I can express that enough to them because they all need to know that.

The old guys, Jimmy, Scot and I sat there last night and just soaked in their energy and I think, a little bit, wished we could go back a few years and maybe experience some of what they're living. It's a challenging time but these guys are looking toward the future ready for the challenge, ready to live life - and they will with a vengeance I think.

Oh that we could all remember that time when we were willing to be a little afraid and daring - when we felt that our lives could be worth something and that no matter what the circumstances we new that we could live an amazing life.

God I pray for these guys from last night. Thank you for letting me know them. God I pray that you will bless their lives right now and give them the courage that they need to live connected to you and willing to be daring. Amen!

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