Sunday, June 29, 2008

You Can Do Seminary!

About 2 years ago I began to realize that God wanted me to attend seminary. The funniest thing about it is that a lot of really important people in my life weren't surprised! I wish that they had told me sooner that I need to go!

One of the biggest, scariest parts of it though was moving my family of 5 from South Carolina to Texas, selling our house and finding a place to live in Dallas, and being able to support my family while attending seminary.

Not all of those fears have been answered but now that I'm here I am proud to announce that it can be done! I and my family are here and we are making friends, we found a house, an awesome church, a great small group, and soon I know that the job thing will happen.

We're out of money, but God is providing just like he has done so amazingly and miraculously every since we committed to moving here! He is God and has a plan for all of our lives.

So I'm writing this blog to let anyone out there know that you can do it! You can do all things through Christ!

I'm here if any one needs to make a connection here in Dallas. I'll be glad to help you find a place to live, a job, a church or anything that would prevent you in making a step toward seminary.

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