Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do I remind you of Jesus?

JesusI heard this great question today while driving home and I immediately began praying and asking God about it because it's a question that I've never honestly asked myself - "When people see me do I remind them of Jesus?". A deep question for sure.

I've thought about this a lot this evening (and I suspect I will for a few more days), and I wanted to share where I'm at with the question right now.

The first answer that comes to mind is, of course and emphatically, "No!". I have to ask myself then "Why?". I mean I do work for a Christian company, I'm going to seminary, I read Christian books, I listen to Christian podcasts and music (and like them), I have lots of Christian friends, and most importantly I am a Christian (got saved, been redeemed, accepted Christ, turned my life around, asked Jesus into my heart, walked the aisle, got religion, had a conversion experience, been baptized, etc). I'm going to heaven when I die. I see God working in my life and I give him the credit. Seemingly all of the right things. But when it comes down to it - would most people say "You remind me of Jesus"? I don't think they would.

It's not due to a poor self image or false humility that I say this! It's my external actions that reveal it, and it's the still small voice that whispers it to me. I want to publicly here over the next few days ask myself and ask you to ask yourself "How am I willing to go to let God change me to be someone who people look at and are reminded of Jesus?". I hope that some of you will begin to ask yourself the same question and will share your thoughts here!

Grace and Peace!
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