Monday, December 01, 2003

Discovering your "Want to".

Do you do things because you want to? When you go home at night do you want to? Can your mate or your children tell yothat you want to be at home? Do you want to be a parent? Do you want to do your job?

Is your "want to" so strong that you really, really want to be doing what you are doing? If you couldn't be doing it would you miss it - whatever "it" is?

I go to work day in and day out and most of the time I don't "want to". I am convinced that I need to live trying to discover what my "want to" is. I'm not to afraid that I may find out that I don't want to do anything that I'm doing. I have at least lived discovering some of my "want to" without knowing that it was what I was doing. For example, I "want to" be married to my wife. I want to be a father to my children. But I realize that I am not living with them or being what I "want to" be with them. I have settled for "have to" or "need to" to often. I have lost my "want to".

Go to work tomorrow and go like you "want to". Go home tomorow and greet your family like you "want to". Figure out what will make you "want to". You will always have things that you "have to" do, but don't live life that way. Live - and "want to"!

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