Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paul's' Tormenter

In the last few days I have been really challenged by the passage in 2 Corinthians (2 Corinthians 12:7-10 to be exact) where Paul is discussing the thorn in the flesh that he received from a tormenter sent by Satan. He said that he begged God three times to take it away, but God simply told him that "My grace is all you need". That's it, God? That's your answer? I have a problem that I need you to solve and You say Your grace is enough?

I was talking with a group of friends last night about this and we talked about how so many of the Hurricane Katrina victims in the Gulf states, that we had seen on television, had thanked God for keeping them safe. They thanked Him for how he had protected them. God's grace was enough.

I have spent so much of my life wanting God to help me. To make everything ok. To take away all of my burdens. To take away all of my frustrations and problems. And I'm suddenly hit with this whole idea like I have never heard it before. God's grace is enough. He's sufficient. How do I know it? By the guidance that he has provided in my life. He has taken me along a path that seemed to wind around and through so man obstacles and so many heart aches. But he has grown my dependence on him. He has made His desires more important to me than my own. I find myself in the middle of frustration and confusion now knowing that His grace is sufficient. That whatever the enemy throws at me is not more than what the strength of Christ in my life can conquer.

In practical terms, there isn't anything that I may go through that God doesn't know about, control, and help me through. If all of the questions were answered and all of the problems resolved what would I be. Happier - I don't know. Knowing that in everything I am being made to trust God and recognize His strength over mine I suddenly understand life a little better. God wants to walk with us. He wants us to place all of our trust in Him in what He does for us even when we don't realize it. To know that He just wants us to know the truth - that His grace is enough!

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  1. Wow. After reading blogs like this I feel you could write all the time. This was a great devotional as well as testimonial. Maybe you could start by offering some of these to places like Open Window, or that Stand Firm kind of magazine. Just a thought. I am proud of you.