Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Passion 06 EP Released

Woohooo! Kristian Stanfill and David Crowder. Great songs. And I'm glad that they included Loiue's talk. It really spoke to me.

It really makes a point that we must have the boldness, passion, and more importantly the purpose to follow and spread the name of a God who is so worthy. Do we believe it or not?

Great prep for the full blown CD later this year!!

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  1. hey there sid,
    i know this is really random, but i was just looking up louie gigglio and somehow i stumbled upon your blog! i love your pictures, i was at passion too! my name is kelley and i live in prague as a missionary intern! i think thats really cool posting your "passion" for Jesus! ok well if you want to i have a myspace, its: or i have an email addy: if you wanna drop me a line or two!
    your fellow passion person