Passion 06 EP Released

Woohooo! Kristian Stanfill and David Crowder. Great songs. And I'm glad that they included Loiue's talk. It really spoke to me.

It really makes a point that we must have the boldness, passion, and more importantly the purpose to follow and spread the name of a God who is so worthy. Do we believe it or not?

Great prep for the full blown CD later this year!!

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  1. hey there sid,
    i know this is really random, but i was just looking up louie gigglio and somehow i stumbled upon your blog! i love your pictures, i was at passion too! my name is kelley and i live in prague as a missionary intern! i think thats really cool posting your "passion" for Jesus! ok well if you want to i have a myspace, its: or i have an email addy: if you wanna drop me a line or two!
    your fellow passion person