Monday, January 30, 2006

Great Weekend

What an incredible weekend! I spent Saturday doing one of my favorite things - Working on LRCC planning stuff with the LRCC staff. Our Pastor, Jimmy Hawkins, is one of the most incredible guys I know. He leads so well and has shown us all a passionate love for Christ and for people that God has used in my life in such a powerful way. We met at Brad and Karen Rampey's house. They are also incredible people. They are leading our Small Group Ministry and are such amazing people. They inspire me. Stacy and I rode with Deb Jardin who is the glue the holds us all together. She is a passionate leader and has a life story that speaks to me everytime she reveals more of it. And then of course my wife Stacy was there. She's it when it comes to making things happen (and it for me as well!!)

We talked about so much. We are really building a framework for the ministry. Knowing what we do and how we do it. God has been so much at work leading all of is in the same direction and continues to hone the vision that he gave Jimmy at the beginning. That vision has been verified over and over and the stuff we are doing now is completely inline with what God spoke to Jimmy early on!! Cool stuff!!

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