Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We've Been Wrong

I saw this post on Digg this morning and it really affected me. My overwhelming thought is - We've done it wrong. We've made church and Christian dirty words! Shame on us! But thankfully God isn't about that - Jesus didn't come and do what he did to be represented that way and he still works and changes people's lives inspite of our actions. He said love God first and love others more than yourself!

Here was my response -

Blatant - Christian Comment

First I want to say that this is a popular thing that churches are doing right now. I am a member of such a church that just wants to give up the "preachy - we're better than you" mentality and just focus on what God really wants to do in everyone's life - which is make it better. We're trying to be real - finally - and we want to say don't come to church - don't believe in God if you don't want to - but do be willing to maybe come and meet us and let us tell you what God has done in our lives. We don't want to preach at you - we want to just share something that has changed our lives. Sure there are things that we stopped doing and gave up to be Christians. It has been tough to not do some fun things, but they have been replaced and our lives are much,much better!!! That's all we can offer - God offers the rest!

I freely agree and admit that churches have not done that in the past and have often caused so much hurt and given people a bad taste for Christianity. This is not what God is about or ever has been!

Whether this church and others like it are infringing on copy rights - I don't know, but they are wanting to just open their doors and let God do the rest. There aren't many churches like this yet, it's still just beginning to happen across the country and we'll make mistakes, but we are casting off the "sin" of "religion" and just wanting to tell others about the truth that God offers. Give it try! I did and my life was changed completely for the better!!

I blog about this - and I not promoting my blog here - I promise! I just want Digg to be about technology so I have a site where I have these types of conversations- just Google for wonderingfellow.

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