Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Hard Conversations

Yesterday I had a hard conversation with a dear friend. It was one of those conversations that had to happen - why I don't really know - but it had to happen. Sometimes things must be said, I guess? In this situation I had really dealt with the situation for a while and even though I knew that my friend would be open and willing to listen (since he's one of those incredibly conscientious people) it still was difficult because it meant that I had to say some things and possibly step away from the situation.

This friend and I had been working together on some stuff for a while and I had (and still have, I guess) some concerns about the situation. He, of course, was I think hurt by what I said but was considerate of what I said. It was a hard conversation - one of the hardest that I have ever had.

But hard conversations have to happen! Without them we only scratch the surface in life. Until we have the commitment to a situation or to an individual to be willing to speak clearly and honestly even when it hurts we really aren't as committed to whatever it is as we may think.

This conversation is still going on. It has effected me and will probably effect our relationship and maybe my friend's trust in me, at least temporarily, but I hope in the end that if the problems that I was having with the situation are valid, and I think they are, and more importantly if God really is working in both of us through this , and I think He is, then reconciliation will come and the hurt that we both feel right now will be worth it. Go be glorified!

I'm reminded of another hard conversation that was once had. Nicodemus had come to Jesus late one night to have such a conversation. Who was this man Jesus? Was he saying that he was the Messiah? What about these miracles? He had to have a hard conversation with the God of the universe! And the had it. Jesus spoke in realities that even Nicodemus couldn't understand, but he spoke in realities that were true and had to be said. Jesus didn't back down because he knew the truth as it had been given to him by God himself. And Jesus was speaking to part of the religious establishment so he was really putting his life on the line for his beliefs - thank God I don't have to do that! He had the conversation anyway!

God blesses hard conversations when they seek to glorify Him and seek to reveal truth. Have the hard conversation - they won't be easy but they are necessary!

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