Thursday, May 04, 2006

Trusting with the Tangibles

I had a wakeup call this week about trusting God.

I find it so easy to trust God and say "God, I love you" or "God, use me" or "God, I give you everything" but when it comes to the tangibles of life - money, my career, or many other things, I suddenly take the reigns like God can't handle those things.

It's so easy to trust God in our minds but so hard to trust him with our money. Scripture tells us plainly that our tithe is to be the first fruit. The first portion of our income. The first portion of what we have. So why does it sound like it takes more faith to just give. Because it does take real faith.

Saying it in our heads and living it in our lives can be totally different. God I wna tto give you the first fruit of who I am. There I said it - now will I do it?

What do you think about this?

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  1. I was listening to focus on the family a few days ago and the speaker said something that really convicted me. He said he wore God like an overcoat, when the weather is rough rainy and miserable he hides under the coat's protection, but when the weather turned fine he threw the coat off and went about his business until the next time he needed God. I have been guilty of that in my life, and so have many others. I thought it was a good analogy anyway, i don't know if it really pertains to what you're saying but it just reminded me of that i guess.