Monday, September 17, 2007

Life in These United States

I love this time of year! It seems by the end of summer that I become this tired man ready for something different and just as I'm about to loose my mind the seasons begin to change and I'm saved for another season.

This past weekend the weather changed to much cooler fall-ish weather and it seemed to "wake me up".

I'm got a lot going on this week at home getting the house ready to sell. Lots of cleaning, moving, and painting is planned.

I went walking on the new walking trail at the church this morning with Wes and Will. We got there too early and it was still dark but we walked anyway. We only made it half way around because we could see the trail very well and got confused so we turned around and walked out, but the walk was great anyway and I might go back this evening.

This time of year changes me into this other person if only briefly. Someone who is appreciative and contemplative. I begin to look back and think about my life for a brief moment and I find myself being thankful and felling blessed. Although this is only brief and I soon enough return to normal. In this brief time I feel blessed. I wish I were the type of person wise enough to feel this way more often.

So for this moment I'm writing this blog to remind myslef later that I am blessed and life is good for tomorrow I may forget.

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