Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Children

Continuing on the theme of thankfulness that I started yesterday, I can't think of my life now without my children. Just like most others as a young man, I never thought about how many or why I would want to have children. I suppose that I thought I would and I know that I wanted to be a good father if I did.

This past weekend we celebrated my oldest sons birthday. Wes turned 12. The weekend was full of parties, airsoft gun battles with his buddies, Xbox Call of duty battles, pizza, a sleep over at church lots of laughter. I'm so proud of Wes and the young man that he is becoming. He cares for people and he works to be the young man that he should be.

Will is my youngest son , the middle child, and about to turn 9 (not 8 as he reminded me this past weekend). He's beautiful. Cool, fun, and smart. He's more like me than I can understand and more different than me than I could have wished for.

Bonnie is the baby. She has my heart. She knows me and tries to take care of me. I'll catch her putting a blanket or maybe 10 blankets on me when I take a nap on Sunday afternoon. She's creative, is excellent at Ballet and is as messy a person as I've ever seen.

Life with these three is the most thrilling and rewarding as I've had so far. They're growing fast and will soon have families and lives of their own. I know I won't be ready when they leave home but I will always be proud.

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