Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Friday and My Insides are Wiggley

It's Friday and my inside are wiggley and I don't know why. I'm nervous and giddey, anxious and relieved, bored and busy. I'm all of these and so my insides are wiggley. I think the coffee made it worse.

So what do I do. Here's my list:

1. Jump on Google reader and read - but there is so much cool stuff going on that people are blogging about and so many people doing stuff that it kind of makes my insides more wiggley.

2. I'm blogging - that helps. At least I am "fitting in" with all the other people doing stuff although they are blogging about the stuff they have done and I am blogging about blogging and feeling wiggley inside. Oh no it's a vicious cycle! Wiggley - WIGGLEY!!!

3. ok pray, pray, pray - God calm my nerves, give me focus, give me the patience that I need right now. Calm my mind. God don't let a bunch of stuff happen at work today that will make my insides more wiggley! Amen

Ok I feel a little better! I think that I can calm down now. Thanks for joining me in this journey. Now I'm off for more coffee!

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