Friday, March 28, 2008

Passion '08

Source: WikipediaI didn't know if I would get to be a part of Passion this year because of the Passion regionals and the earlier message that I had gotten that the need for volunteers would be less this year. But I found out this week that I will be volunteering at Passion Atlanta!!

I had planned on volunteering at the one in Dallas but that didn't work out due to my schedule, but my hotel is booked and my plans are now made for Atlanta.

If you haven't been keeping up with Passion, Louie and the team have been overwhelmed at the response at each event.

The Atlanta event will have Louie Gigglio, Francis Chan, David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, and Charlie Hall. I think the registration for Atlanta has hit the 8-9000 mark!

I can't wait to serve and praise our Father with that group!! I hope to see you there!

Grace and Peace

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  1. Sid,

    Charlie Tate here.

    Post where you are and what you are doing on your trek across the country.