Thursday, May 22, 2008

Howdy from Texas, Part 1

Well I am now living in Texas, specifically Garland, Texas which is just outside of Dallas.

I hadn't mentioned this in my blog as I had not been able to let anyone at work know that I was leaving because I didn't know when I was leaving because I didn't know when my house would sell. It actually sold in 54 days and our move was rather sudden.

Now I'm living in Texas. The family and I moved about three weeks ago in a 26 foot Penske truck with car in tow and my wife, her mom, our cat, and the kids in our mini-van. We took three days to drive out.

Now I'm here about to be a seminary student, maybe full time or maybe part time? I'm looking for a job and/or for a ministry position.

My life is totally different than it was a month ago in a lot of respects. I live in a different state. I rent a house versus owning a house. I'm about to be a student versus someone who is on a career track. I've planned and prayed about this for months and all of a sudden it's here and I'm living it. It's surreal to say the least.

But it's where I'm supposed to be. If I weren't supposed to be here I dare say I wouldn't be. A 38 year old seminary student – let's be serious. But God has been working this out in me for a long time. It's become something that I've been driven to do. It's all been a reworking of my life.

Tomorrow I'll talk a little about how my life has been reworked and change, plus over the next few weeks I'll share some new thoughts about life, God, and Texas.

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