Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Howdy from Texas, Part 3

14 years ago little did I know that moving to Texas would be part of my life. I knew that my Grandfather had mysteriously moved to Texas before my mom was born (I say mysterious because it has only been in the last few years that I found out why - if that was the real reason?). But I never thought seminary or living in Texas was an option especially since I wasn't even ready to think about that. God had a lot of changing of me to do.

I was 29 then and suddenly it seemed that all of the questions that I had had over the past few years in my 20's suddenly became much more important. After all I had a wife and a child. A child that before I knew it would want to know the meaning for his life. So I had an early mid-life crisis. I quit going to church. I stepped away from any gathering of Christians. I didn't want to attend church if I had no desire or understanding of why I needed to be there.

I took a lot of walks and spent a lot of time dealing with what religion meant. I new that what I had often seen was religion and not Christianity. God desired that his people love and care about others (at that point I didn't understand about that at all and had no idea how that would be shown to me) and I had not seen a lot of love and care in a long time even when working with a "Christian "institution and especially when dealing with a "Christian" church. I know now that God put me in those places to see how my faith shouldn't be lived.

What happened next was the beginning of how God brought me back into the daylight and how he began to show me something entirely new! It shook me to my core and literally and physically shook me! Stay tuned!

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