Friday, May 30, 2008

Life in Texas

Things that we have found out about Texas (so far):
  1. It is hot – not bad (so far) – but it is not as humid as South Carolina.
  2. Texans do love their state as indicated by stars and shapes of Texas everywhere.
  3. Turn signals mean nothing when attempting to change lanes in Texas.
  4. People are very friendly except for librarians (so far).
  5. There are lots of great places to eat and one day we hope to be able to afford them!
  6. Everything you need or don't need is no more than 20 minutes away and you may find it it may be even closer than you thought! Stores, malls, grocery stores are all over the place!
  7. There are no people in these places most of the time. For the first two weeks we were out here we would go places and drive through traffic to get there but when we got to whatever place we were going there was no one there which got me asking the question “Where are all of these people on the road going?”
  8. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper here. I think it may be because stuff from Mexico, stuff from the West Coast, and maybe stuff from South America funnel through Texas.
  9. You can by meat in slabs at the grocery store and steaks are the size of pot roasts in South Carolina, but it is difficult to find chicken or pork.
  10. Texas is where we are supposed to be!

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