Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Droid Incredible: Sizzle (My New Phone)

Here is a cool video about my new phone.

What strikes me as most interesting about it is that this video is totally hype! It's a phone for gosh sakes! I love the phone. My experience with my BlackBerry was less than stellar but according to this video my new phone is the most exciting thing ever at least until next week or the next when the new Motorola is out and iPhone 4 arrives for some of my friends. Have I become just a regular consumer?

Will I be disappointed (at least slightly) with my phone next week when I see the iPhone in person? Probably a little. So is that my lot in life - to grab onto the next new shiny thing, watch the latest movies or TV shows, think about buying the next car, or scramble around to find the next toy?

OK, OK I can here you from here. So what? Isn't that what we do? What's wrong with having cool stuff? Are you one of those guys who beats himself up over consumerism and screams about how we have all given up our life for the next new toy?

My answer is, "Maybe!". What's next? At what point do we see a long term result from consumerism other than more stuff and old stuff in our closets?

I am wondering if there is more to find. Can we make more of our lives and still be consumers? I mean really make more. Not just have more money to spend. Can we be more than consumers?

At some point a consumer has to become a provider. Someone who contributes to the common good or whatever you want to call it. Someone who stops looking at the response from others concerning their actions and begins to make their actions based on a higher (hopefully much higher) standard. I think we can!

What do you think?

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