Sunday, November 07, 2010


Fall for me is a great time, always.  No mater what's going on this time of year I always have this warm feeling of impending hope and desire for the change of seasons, even in Texas where we really don't have Fall.

The Emory family have so many changes and awesome things happening in the next few months.  I'm looking forward to the process of marching toward graduation, the hope of finding a ministry position somewhere, and seeing God working and moving us toward something new.

I'm also filled with a little bit of sadness.  The idea of change also brings the pain of leaving friends behind, the leaving of the comfort of familiarity, and the fear of establishing home somewhere else.

Change is required of us.  Without it we're incomplete and become dull.  Change is growth and the invitation for reliance upon our Heavenly Father.  I can't understand a life lived without Him because change is scary. 

I look forward to the changes that are coming.  I'm not fearful, but instead I'm excited.   I was reminded again today from Jeremiah - God has a plan, He is not unaware, and He is in control.   

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