Friday, November 05, 2010

Pride, Sin and the Holy Spirit

The last few weeks have been huge for me and my family.

I have heard a constant message everywhere I turn, for about the last month, about Pride, Sin and the Holy Spirit. It’s the Holy Spirit that works in us and through us to accomplish the only things of value in our life. Our plans and actions are only “filthy rags” but the actions that the Holy Spirit desires to work through us are worthwhile. John 15:5 is Jesus telling us that only through Him can we accomplish anything! He means anything lasting and of value! “apart from me you can do nothing!”.

The Holy Spirit is the answer to our pride and our sin. I now firmly believe that scripture tells us that we must be in constant conversation with the Holy Spirit over every thought, idea and action in our lives. It is total reliance on God moment-by-moment and complete abandonment of the idea that we can conquer our sin and our problems ourselves.

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