Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coming to the End of a Journey and the Beginning of Another

With graduation approaching I'm thinking a lot lately about the last three years.   My time studying at DTS has been amazing.  I had hoped that seminary would be more about knowing God and less about simply gaining knowledge.  I didn't realize at the time how my wish would be so difficult.  Knowing God isn't easy.  Our sinful nature battles so much against us.  Like Paul the things that I want to do are often the most difficult and the thing that I know I shouldn't do seem the most easy to do.  But God is sovereign.  Sovereign simply means that he is in control and like James 1 says every struggle draws me closer to my Heavenly Father.  

As I look back on the last three years I have seen the following happen:

1. My children know what it means to follow God's will even when we must give up a lot.  I think they know that what we give up is nothing compared to what we gain.

2. My wife has been an example to me of grace under pressure and strength during change.  For a woman that didn't want to come to Dallas she has been everything that a husband could ask for in a wife and more.  

3. God takes the simplest things and makes them major tools in his plan.  Friends, professors, those that even made life difficult have been used by God to demonstrate the power of his plans.  He does deserve all of the glory.  The only thing that I can claim is that I have tried to pay attention.

4. A person can save a lot of money at Half-Priced Books and find a lot of really awesome books at the same time!!

These are just a few of the things that God continues weave into my life.  

Most importantly I have learned that I can trust God.  The only value that I have to offer anyone is the value of God the Holy Spirit working in and through me and finally I realize that this is more than enough!!

To God be all Glory!

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